NOSSA brow henna origins from Brazil where it was producedd by Beauty International. The products being based on natural ingredients + the 7 minutes only apllication time are the main success factors. Beauty International is the brand holder.

NOSSA stands out from other brow henna products and brands by 2 main keys; 

- The 5 minutes only aplication time saves so much time compared to 20 / 25 minutes of all other brands.  This ofcourse influences the complete treatment time as well as the treatment price. However above all, the 5 minutes are a lot friendlier to our average European fair skin types. Fact is that brow henna is manufactured primarely in countries that know an average of darker skin colors. Those tend to be a little thicker and a little less sensitive as fair skin. Since our relations are professional salons it is important to keep this in mind and offer our customers only the best. 

- free from ammonia and metals

nossa kinows 5 colors that can be mixed if necessary to reach a personal color. the 20 ml fixator is always includd in every package and instructions can be found inside the packages after breaking the seal sticker. The inci list is published online to be transparant. this way ingredients can be checked by everybody. 


"this product is even better then glance. i am super excited" 


"this henna is top of the bill. cutomers return so happy after 4-6 weeks" 


"nossa henna is a true game changer, mega fast with a beautiful and long lasting result"


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